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The following links are to unzipped forms of mp3s. The mp3s were recorded in fairly high quality since they were taken and converted fron cassette tapes on which the original sound quality was sub-par. Zipping the files only allowed 1% compression, so only the full versions are available, allowing for the best sound quality at a reasonable file size that I can currently offer. The dynamics of the group changed slightly from different years, so some songs are repeated and some version are (in my opinion) better than others. Commentary about the group and about the individual tracks are available for those interested in such "opinionated" history here.

Links (unzipped):

1991 - Live at the Paramount Theater

The Letter (3.98mb) Who's Makin Love (2.68mb) 25 Miles (3.0mb)
Cold Sweat (3.41mb) I'll Go Crazy (2.8mb) Outta Sight (3.44mb)
Hard to Handle (2.8mb) She's Not There (3.75mb) Land of 1000 Dances (3.96mb)
Soul Man (2.45mb) Rock n' Roll (3.02mb) Sex Machine (4.69mb)
Pick Up the Pieces (4.72mb) Soul Vaccination (4.9mb) Soul Sacrifice (extended) (9.4mb)
Special Collaboration Finale: Shout (8.1mb)
Originals: Who's Better Than You? (2.78mb)

1994 & 1997- Live at the Paramount Theater

Sound Check (477kb) Delta Lady (2.74mb) Everyday People (2.53mb)
Funky Broadway (2.66mb) Jackie Wilson (3.28mb) James Brown Medley(5.37mb)
This is a Man's World(5.28mb) Ain't That Peculiar(2.93mb) One Way Out(4.73mb)
Land of 1000 Dances(2.58mb) Late in the Evening(3.82mb) Lovin You (4.7mb)
Originals: Who's Better Than You?(3.04mb) You've Changed(3.6mb)




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